The Almy Society gratefully recognizes the following alumni/ae, parents, grandparents, faculty, and friends who have included BB&N in their long-term philanthropic plans.

Anonymous (3)
Meghan Barry '93 and Peter Hoffmeister
Michael J. Bucuvalas '66 and Martha Bucuvalas
Edward J. Bursk, Jr. '50
Arthur M. Bylin '54
Elizabeth S. Cahn '85
Cynthia Chace '70
Richard M. Chalfen '60
Christopher R. Decker '82
Robert Dole '52 and Marguerite Dole
James M. Donovan '61
Laurence Etter (dec.) and Elizabeth Etter
Thomas A. Fitzgerald, Jr. '53
Nancy Hoadley Fryberger '54 and Dick Fryberger 
Lincoln B. Gamble '76
Seth Gibson '53
John P. Grinold '53 (dec.) and Catherine Grinold
Jonathan Hodgson '91 and AJ Hodgson
Pamela Hardee Jackson '62 and F. Gardner Jackson, Jr.
Karen J. Kalina '81
Mark Leeds '83
Brenda Luquer '62 
Deirdre Nansen McCloskey '60
Scott G. McMullin '63
Jay Myers '03
Jason Oppenheim '98
Thomas Pollock '77
John B. Read, Jr. '53
Robert Rosenthal and Linda Samay (dec.)
Jeffrey Rudman '66
George and Nancy Rupp
Linda Samuels
Mark E. Satterfield '73 and Marian Satterfield
William D. Saunders '59
Ann Imlah Schneider '51
Mallory H. Slate '56
Duncan Smith '48 and Joan Smith
Janet M. Storella '74
Jane Hewitt Tierney '40
Nancy Morse Torti '60
John Toupin '81
Klaus E. von Stutterheim '62
Richard C. Walton '72
Henry N. Winslow '56
Charles F. Woodard, Jr. '58
Natalie Zervas '01  

For their lasting legacies to the School, we recognize in perpetuity the following individuals whose estate gifts have been or are in the process of being realized and have fortified the foundations of learning and excellence at BB&N:

Anonymous (2)
James B. Ames
George W. Barnes '25
Margaret Follin Bird '25
Morrison P. Blake '19
Horace O. Bright '13
Edward C. Browne '37
Harriet Ropes Cabot '25
John Moors Cabot '19
Anna M. Cairnie
Erica Barth Cawley
Frank S. Cawley
Edward P. Chase '27
Adelaide Comegys '48 
Mr. and Mrs. James Couzens
Nicholas and Antigoni Damalas
Clarence G. Davenport '26
Dan Fenn '40
Suzanne A. Fleischner '48
Theodore B. Gazarian '49
Malcolm S. Hayden
Peter M. Hewitt '44
William S. Howe '47
Natalie Hoyt
Nancy Griffin Jackson '60
Herbert B. Jacobs '43
George W. Jones '47
Matthew Keenan '46
Harvey and Farla Krentzman
Andrea L. Kusko '66
Arthur J. Lawson '26
Christopher T. Mahan, Jr. '45
Ruth Rosenberg Medalia '42
Mary Potter Meeker '53
Mary K. Merrill
Constance R. Milton '28
Patricia C. Mordecai
Nancy Morse
Margaret E. Oakley
Ellen C. Oppler '46
Sarah Osborn
Louise A. Pfeiffer '36
David and Muriel K. Pokross 
Mabel C. Richardson '38
Alice Woodman Rossiter '33
William C. Sawyer '47
Allan H. Seigal '51
Arnold H. Singal '54
Patricia Blevins Till '44
Anna Minot Warren '35
Benjamin T. Wright '40