Our donors, and the beneficiaries of their generosity, have stories to share.

Read their inspiring stories below:


Ben Wright, B&N ’40

Ben Wright, B&N ’40

Although Ben Wright '40 had an unusual journey through BB&N, his loyalty to the School remained strong throughout the 75+ years since he attended both Buckingham and Browne & Nichols.
George W. Jones, B&N ’47

George W. Jones, B&N ’47

It is often said that the most unassuming people are those whose thoughtfulness and generosity can have an impact on others in quiet but powerful ways.
Edward C. Bursk, Jr., B&N '50

Edward C. Bursk, Jr., B&N '50

Since graduating in 1950, Ed has been an ongoing supporter of the School, serving as an Annual Fund volunteer and attending many events over the years.
Ann Imlah Schneider, Buckingham '51

Ann Imlah Schneider, Buckingham '51

This seems to me the very best way to recognize that incalculable debt and the impact that my Buckingham experience has had on my life, and I hope that other alumni/ae will choose to do the same."
Gordon Lunn

Gordon Lunn ’52: Always Supporting BB&N

Former BB&N Trustee Gordon Lunn ’52 never forgets. Decades and decades, every single year, Gordon gives to The BB&N Fund.

John P. (Jack) Grinold, B&N '53

"As we grow older, we reflect on the things that were most meaningful to us in our lives, helped us to grow, and taught us things that brought us pleasure and the successes that we have had in life. For me, Browne & Nichols is foremost in my reflections."
Peter Henderson Smith

Peter Henderson Smith B&N '59

“I have been so impressed with BB&N’s current global programs that are helping students understand their world-wide options."
Richard Chalfen, B&N '60

Richard Chalfen, B&N '60

A loyal Browne & Nichols alumnus for many years, Richard (Dick) Chalfen ’60 recently reflected that “B&N crept up on me in ways I can never repay. Becoming a member of The Almy Society is a step in that direction.”

Buckingham Alumnae Ties Remain Strong

For nearly 130 years, the Buckingham School legacy has provided a strong foundation for the BB&N of today, helping to shape its commitment to academic excellence and launching many traditions that continue to this day.

Deirdre Nansen McCloskey, B&N '60

The path that Deirdre McCloskey ’60 has taken since Browne & Nichols might well be described as “the road less traveled,” but it is certainly a road that exemplifies the confidence and academic foundation that the School provides its graduates. In a recent interview, Deirdre shares some highlights of her journey.

Nancy Hunnewell Torti, Buckingham '60

The School is a member of my family. The Lower School was my neighborhood.
[charity_name] Donor

Jim Donovan, B&N ’61

When Jim Donovan reflects on his 13-year education at Buckingham and Browne & Nichols, he recalls lifelong friendships, a superb education, and particularly the outstanding teachers who far surpassed those he had in college and graduate school.
Margaret Loss

Margaret R. Loss, Buckingham ’64

Margaret Loss ’64 recently shared memories from her time as a student at Buckingham and its impact on her academic and professional career.

Cynthia Chace, Buckingham '70

Cynthia Chace '70 is a dedicated Buckingham alumna. Not only has she dedicated her time to reaching the goals of the Opening Minds Campaign, she has included BB&N in her will, making her a member of the Almy Society.

Mark Satterfield, B&N '73

When Mark Satterfield '73 arrived at Browne & Nichols in ninth grade from the Lincoln Public Schools, he says, “I really was the definition of ‘average’. OK-not great student. Moderately coordinated athletically. A bit on the shy side..”
Janet Storella

Janet Storella '74

"I choose to give back to BB&N because of the impact I'm making at the school with my gifts."
Karen Kalina

Karen Kalina ’81, P’21

Karen Kalina’s ties to BB&N go back nearly 50 years when she came to the Buckingham School as a pre-Kindergartener. As she was moving into the Upper School, the School offered her financial aid which was not only a tremendous help to her family but also an indication that BB&N cared about her.

Mark Leeds '83

Across the decades, the experiences and memories of BB&N alumni/ae are often remarkably similar to those shared by Mark Leeds '83: caring teachers, lasting friendships, and preparation for further education and life.
Meg Barry

Meghan Barry '93

Meg Barry’s love of rowing dates back to her time as a BB&N Middle Schooler. Entering in seventh grade following her older sister Jennifer Barry Donovan ’91, Meg had strong academic skills but was particularly drawn to the school’s athletic program, participating in soccer, volleyball, and crew.
Zervas Family

Natalie Zervas ’01

To get something done, it is sometimes said, ask a busy person. Natalie Zervas, Ph.D. is busy: psychological counselor/wellness educator at Phillips Academy, mother of a four-year-old and member of her 20th BB&N reunion committee. Last fall, she found time to create a will when BB&N offered alumni/ae a free, quick and easy online tool.

Warren F. “Jay” Myers, Jr. ’03

On July 4, 2019, Warren F. Myers, Sr. passed away in hospice, ending an honored, well-lived life surrounded by family. Warren Myers and his wife, Karen Myers P ’95, ’03, GP ’29, ’33, loved BB&N, a community with lifelong friends made over four decades.