Fryberger JacksonFor nearly 130 years, the Buckingham School legacy has provided a strong foundation for the BB&N of today, helping to shape its commitment to academic excellence and launching many traditions that continue to this day.

Alumnae who attended Buckingham prior to the merger with Browne & Nichols in 1974 remain an important part of the BB&N family and have been loyal and committed donors and volunteers, lending their support to the School’s annual, capital, and planned giving programs. Three Buckingham alumnae who have remained deeply connected to BB&N over the years and who have included the School in their estate plans share their reflections on why they have chosen to make this lasting commitment.

Nancy Hoadley Fryberger ’54:
"BB&N is blessed with forward-thinking leadership—whether it is focused on academics, social and personal responsibility, or awareness of an individual’s impact on others and the world. These are challenging times, and we must adapt as well as remain true to our values.
"The faculty and staff were, and are, strong supporters of the students—proud of their achievements and aware of their challenges. Their commitment to the formation of  future generations of well-prepared citizens, and our support as beneficiaries of this exciting educational environment—which was also a lot of fun—will help ensure the School’s existence for years to come."

Nancy Morse Torti ’60:
"BB&N is a member of my family. The Lower School was in my neighborhood and very much a part of my life, as it still is today. I am grateful to the School for who I am today.
"BB&N trains leaders for tomorrow to advance and reform both their communities and our world. The School's emphasis on scholarship, financial aid, and diversity is crucial to the education of young people. The core of the School is about shaping future leaders, and creating a culturally enriching environment that represents the world around us. I hope that my support will help to ensure the School's continuation of this important mission."

Pamela Hardee Jackson ’62:
"As for so many fellow alumnae, Buckingham was absolutely integral to my education and development as an individual.  I am forever grateful for the teaching, forward-looking curriculum, and commitment of the faculty to all their students.  
“I chose to join The Almy Society by making a testamentary gift to the School to ensure, in a small way, that the legacy of the faculty from my era can be sustained in the next generation of students and faculty at BB&N.  We are all fortunate to call ourselves Buckingham alumnae."

For more information about BB&N’s Gift Planning Program and membership in The Almy Society (recognizing those who have made provisions for BB&N in their estate plans), visit or contact Janet Rosen at or 617-800-2729.